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Relaxation Oil Massage

Normal oil 60min: 12$ / 90min: 18$ / 120min: 24$
Lemon grass oil 60min: 13$ / 90min: 19$ / 120min: 26$
Jasmine/ Lavender oil 60min: 14$ / 90min: 20$ / 120min: 28$
Relaxing oil massages of your choices. Experience the pleasure of relaxing with a full body massage focusing on your back, neck, shoulders to relieve stress and tension. With the selected oils of your choice to completely relax mind and body through the combination of delicate fragrances and long smooth gliding strokes, flowing and creating a deep state of tranquility.
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Traditional Thai Massage

60min: 10$ /90min: 12$ /120min: 20$
This is a dry massage works on the body’s meridian line to stretch every limb and ease aching muscle. It improves bold circulation and mobility as well as relives tension, leaving you limber and supple.

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Neck Back & Shoulder

60min: 10$ / 90min: 12$ / 120min: 16$
Everyone loves a good massage, especially ours. We do back massage target knotted muscles, stressed out sinews add other over work sport in order to knead you back into prime condition. Perfect a bad sleeping position or other strenuous activity.

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Head Arm & Shoulder

60min: 8$ / 90min: 12$ / 120min: 16$
It leaves a profound impact, as the therapist employs deeply probing techniques on vital neck and shoulder muscles. This moment to feel the tension ease as your scalp is squeezed, rubbed.

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Traditional Khmer Massage

60min: 10$ / 90min: 15$ / 120min: 20$ (Lotion with oil)
An ancient massage combined firm acupressure and assisted stretching techniques, relying on the use of palms and thumbs, to rebalanced your energy levels.

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Reflexology Foot Massage

60min: 5$ / 90min: 8$ / 120min: 10$
Reflexology and Foot-Leg massage is usually performed on the soles of the feet. The theory is that part of the feet correlate to specific areas and organs of the body, and that manipulation removes blockage restoring the flow of energy to those areas, thereby addressing overall health problem.

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Aroma Body Scrub

60min: 15$
More than just a deliciously scratchy feelings, scrubs remove away dead skin cells and return a healthy glow to smoother skin Aiding circulation, scrubs also open pores and promote better absorption of cleansers, moisturizers and toners, thereby helping them work more effectively.

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Natural Body Scrub

60min: 20$
It is a kind of Khmer Traditional body scrub which is good for all skin types. Start with fresh tamarind, and then the hand-made galangal and turmeric powder with milk. The fresh tamarind leaves you a smoother and brighter skin while the natural hand-made powders with milk give you the flawless skin and also help in preventing skin breakout. 

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Facial Massage

60min: 15$
(For deep cleaning): Good for all skin types. Wake up those sleepy cells beneath the epidermis with our special blend of invigorating. Your skin will go from wilted to wonderful in easy steps, cleanse, make and moisturize.

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Beauty Treatment

- Manicure/Pedicure: $3 (each)
- Nail Painting: $2 (OPI) (each)
- Hand Spa with Paraffin
- Foot Scrub and spa with moisturizing Paraffin  

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Eye brow: 5$
Upper Lip/ Chin: 5$
Under Arm: 8$
Back: 15$
Full Arm: 15$
Half Leg: 15$
Full Leg: 25$
Bikini Line: 25$
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